Visa Process and Guidelines

Applicants who live outside Pretoria and Gauteng should be click here, for further information on how to submit their application from their location

Please follow the simple guidelines below to ensure that you complete the process properly.

Step 1

Determine what type of Visa you need. Visa types.

Step 2
View our fees page to determine how much your Visa will cost.

Step 3
Apply online
. Tip: Be sure to read the Visa application guidelines before you apply. Once your application is complete, print the document, along with your payment confirmation. Get started.

Step 4
Collate your documents. Package must contain:

  • – Printed application documents and payment confirmation page (referenced above)
  • – Your traveling document (i.e passport)
  • – Applicable processing fee
  • – One Passport photograph
  • – A copy of round-trip air tickets
  • – Letter of Invitation and a copy of the relevant pages of the travelling document of your host and his or her passport photograph

Step 5
Deliver completed package to the High Commission office by walk-in to:
The Nigeria High Commission
971, Francis Baard Street
Pretoria, South Africa

Please take note of the commission's operating hours.

All Applicants should submit their application in person at the high commission office. Applicants should note that the high commission do not accept any application through the agent. In line with this, applicants who give their application to an agent do at their own risk.